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    Programs & Services

    Making an impact through research, education, support and advocacy

    The IFOPA provides many programs and services to patients, families and the FOP community.



    • Education is provided to the medical community on early signs of FOP.
    • Various publications and other media about FOP, clinical trials and issues surrounding those diagnosed with FOP are distributed via the IFOPA website.
    • A collection of videos highlighting various aspects of FOP are available on the IFOPA website, as well as the IFOPA YouTube channel.
    • The IFOPA hosts regional events, such as the Midwest Family Gathering, to bring together families with FOP and clinicians in the field for a weekend of learning and networking.  
    • The Resilient Living Program provides education for strengthening the mind and spirit as every family works to overcome the challenges they face throughout their journey with FOP. 
    • The Ability Toolbox Program is designed to empower individuals with FOP by promoting independence through the use of tools and home adaptations.
    • Take part in The Advocacy Series to explore ways to become a more effective communicator and problem solver to get your needs met in a variety of settings.


    • The FOP Connection is a monthly eNewsletter featuring articles and photos about FOP research, resources, fundraising, and the FOP community.
    • Online Support Groups allow individuals living with FOP and/ or their parents to connect with one another in a safe environment. These groups are used to ask questions and get advice, share concerns, provide practical suggestions for everyday life and situations that may arise, and simply be connected to others with FOP. These groups are generally administered by FOP individuals or, in the case of Parents with FOPers, by a parent of a child with FOP.
    • The Harold & Elaine Kaplan Quality of L.I.F.E. (Living Independently with Full Equality) Awards are granted to patients with FOP. The program is designed to promote health, welfare and independence. Examples of awards range from adaptive equipment, walkers, wheelchairs, adaptive bed, vehicle adaptation, tuition/registration for vocational training, specialized bicycles, computer hardware or assistive technology and reading aids. Click L.I.F.E. Award for guidelines and application.
    • The FOP Connect: Peer Mentor Program is designed to provide constituents in the FOP community the opportunity to have mentors to better guide them through the challenges of FOP.
    • Guidebooks written for families dealing with FOP are available online.
    • Learn more about ABLE (Achieving a Better Life Experience) Accounts - tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. An ABLE account allows anyone to contribute (including the account holder) without the fear of saving too high of an amount and losing essential benefits that allow a person living with a disability to live independently. 
    • Learn more about medical cannabis — a valuable tool for managing chronic pain.
    • Learn more about the transition to an adult health care provider and an taking an adult approach to managing one's care.
    • Access the IFOPA's Zoom Resource or participate in one of our monthly social events to connect with other members of the community using an online video conferencing platform.


    The IFOPA is an active member of:

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    25th Anniversary

    IFOPA Celebrates its 25th Anniversary in High Style!

    By Mark Gambaiana

    To commemorate the wonderful growth, multiple achievements and progress toward a treatment and cure, the IFOPA celebrated its 25th anniversary with a family gathering at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Conference Center in Kissimmee, Florida from November 7-9, 2013. Please view our 25th Anniversary Highlight Video.

    More than 279 people enjoyed the three-day festivities, including 59 FOP members. Attendees represented a dozen international countries and six continents.

    The 2013 year marked a special milestone in the history of the IFOPA — our 25th year of operation! Founded by Jeannie Peeper as a means to end the isolation of those afflicted with FOP, our organization began in 1988 as a pen pal group. Now, we are the world’s leading advocate and resource on FOP whose programs and services are focused on research, education, support and advocacy.

    An opening reception, series of family-oriented activities, research updates, clinical appointments, special presentations on dental and anesthesia workshops and a celebration banquet all highlighted the weekend. The banquet included remarks by Richard Simcox, one of the world’s leading FOP philanthropists, Dr. Fred Kaplan, the renowned leading FOP clinician, a special presentation by Saskia Blonk of The Netherlands to the FOP researchers, and a tribute to our founder and president, Jeannie Peeper.

    The anniversary year was a time to reflect and say thank you to the many families and friends who have made investments of items and resources to advance our cause. Because of you, we have funded research and provided programmatic support to improve the lives of people around the globe who suffer from this condition.

    Doctors and FOP Members
    Thank you to our scientists and researchers who are working daily to solve the mysteries of FOP and keep the march moving forward toward a treatment and a cure.

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    11 Founding Members

    A lot has happened since the IFOPA began in 1988. Six of our founding members reflect on the past 30 years of this groundbreaking organization. 

    To read articles from 2013 about all 11 IFOPA Founding Legacy Members, please go to this page.


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    Jeannie Peeper Awards

    Celebrating achievement in the FOP community

    The Jeannie Peeper Awards - which honor our Founder’s initiative, leadership, vision and courage - recognize those who make exceptional contributions to the IFOPA through their leadership, service, fundraising, awareness-building and other accomplishments. 

    Since 2010, the IFOPA has recognized individuals and groups for their service to the FOP community.

    We are pleased to announce the 2020 Jeannie Peeper Award winners whose gifts of time, talent, experience and selflessness have made an incredible impact on the FOP community. Learn more about them through their stories.

    Thank you to the 2020 Jeannie Peeper Awards Committee, which included Jeannie Peeper, Gretty Emmerich, Nadine Grossmann, Nancy Sando and Michelle Davis.

    International Clinical Council on FOP Stephen Guiseppe Sienna Otto & Family Massimo Alfieri Steve Eichner

    Please click the links below to read about past award recipients.




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    The YouTube channel FOPNews is where we publish all IFOPA and FOP videos. Please visit FOPNews to view all videos.

    FOP Awareness Video

    Change My Life: A Thank You Video

    FOP Facts and Insights

    This 15-part video series offers an abundance of information and advice for people with FOP and their family members, physicians and caregivers. Produced in 2009, the videos include information by Frederick Kaplan, M.D. and Dr. Eileen Shore, Ph.D. of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, as well as IFOPA community member Lori Henrotay, who helped produce the videos for the organization.

    1. Series Overview
    2. What is FOP?
    3. Clinical Features
    4. FOP Misdiagnosis: Issues and Consequences
    5. Treatment Guidelines and Considerations
    6. Pain Management
    7. Special Medical Considerations
    8. FOP Gene Discovery
    9. The FOP Research Lab
    10. Collaborative Research
    11. Pregnancy
    12. Anesthesia
    13. Hearing Impairment
    14. Piercings
    15. Preventative Oral Hygiene

    Workshop Videos

    These are two videos from workshops presented for FOP individuals and families at the IFOPA 25th Anniversary event in 2013. 

    1. Oral Health Workshop
    2. Anesthesia Workshop

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    Recent Diagnosis

    Waiting on copy for this page. 

    Waiting to see if we have photos of Dr. and kids in a clinical setting. Have photos of Dr. Kaplan with kids (less clinical) - waiting on permission to use. 

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    Gene Discovery

    In April 2006, after 15 years of painstaking research, the FOP research team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and their international collaborators, pinpointed a single gene mutation -- one letter out of six billion in the human genome -- that causes the runaway bone growth of FOP. This groundbreaking discovery is being used to unlock the mysteries of FOP. Learn more about the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and meet the researcher who discovered the gene. 

    FOP is caused by a mutation of a gene for a receptor called ACVR1 in the bone morphogenetic protein-signaling pathway.

    Following the discovery of the gene, research efforts towards a treatment and a cure accelerated. The discovery of the FOP gene provides a highly specific target for future drug development that holds promise for altering not just the symptoms of the disease but the disease itself. It also allowed for the creation of animal models that can express the mutant gene, further enabling research and drug development.

    Read more about the news from 2006:

    Discovery of FOP Gene Offers New Hope for IFOPA

    Penn Researchers Discover Gene That Creates Second Skeleton


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