Tooth Ferry Program

The University of Pennsylvania is conducting a series of studies using cells from baby teeth as a model to examine how FOP functions at a cellular level. If you have a child who is losing teeth, we welcome them to participate in "The Tooth Ferry Program." When your child loses a tooth or needs to have one pulled at the dentist's office, you can send it to us in a preassembled kit that we will provide to you. Teeth from siblings and non-family members are also welcome as controls.

Patsy Hooker is heading up the effort to collect the teeth and study these special cells, called SHED cells. There is a short window of opportunity for receiving the teeth for best results, so we have developed specific instructions for their handling and shipping. If you decide to participate, we will send you a kit including all of the necessary return packaging (for several teeth), return FedEx labels, Patsy's contact information, a tooth diagram to fill out and return, and a copy of these instructions. The kit is very simple and there is no cost to you. If you have children with teeth still to lose or being pulled, please contact Patsy by phone +1 215-898-2330 or email She can then send you a "Tooth Ferry Kit." Please click on How to Save and Ship Teeth to learn more.

You can also donate baby teeth to the IFOPA Biobank. To learn more about the program and how to make your teeth donations available to researchers around the world, visit

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