UPenn Receives Substantial Grant from the IFOPA

The Center for Research in FOP and Related Disorders shares a message of appreciation for recent grant funding from the IFOPA.

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The IFOPA recently awarded $500,000 to the Center for Research in FOP and Related Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania. Eileen Shore, Ph.D., expresses her thanks on behalf of the university.

“We are delighted to continue our research partnership with the IFOPA.

“Since Fred and I began working together in 1991 with the goal of identifying the cause of FOP and conducting research that would lead to Research Support treatments, our interactions with the IFOPA have been highly synergistic. Grant funding from the IFOPA, although small at first, was critical to our initial studies on FOP that led to our first funding by the NIH. As the IFOPA and the Penn FOP Lab “grew up” together, we continued to make great progress working together — including discovering the FOP gene mutation, stimulating the interest of other scientists in FOP research, and developing ideas that lead to and support clinical trials.

“At Penn, we have, and will continue, to develop innovative perspectives, ideas, strategies, and new information to unravel the complexities of FOP that will lead to key discoveries – by us and by other researchers – for safe and effective means of treating and curing FOP.”

Since 1988, the IFOPA has granted $9.8 million to the University of Pennsylvania. Learn more about the 2017 funding.