IFOPA 25th Anniversary

Welcome to the IFOPA 25th Anniversary!

If you are a part of our 25 year history - thank you! Together we have come far and our vision to Find a Cure for FOP is much closer. We will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary until the end of June 2014 with articles about our 11 Founding Members/Families and many Inspiring FOP members!

Below are articles about our Founding Legacy Members and Families. 

Jack Sholund

Nancy Sando

Monica Anderson

Sharon Fitts

Margaret Jean Jones

Sharon Van Slyke

Sarah Cameron

Louis (Lou) Cantwell

Spencer Man

Shay Williams

Jeannie Peeper

Below are articles about our Inspiring FOP Members.

Joey Suchanek

Tomasz Przybysz

Zip Gordon

Below are 25th Anniversary Celebration and FOP Family Gathering Highlights!


FOP Angels

Click on 25th Anniversary Summary
to read and view highlights from our Celebration and FOP Family Gathering in November 2013.

Click on  A Report on Drug Development Activities at the IFOPA 25th Anniversary Celebration
to learn how our event helped everyone in the FOP community.