Quality of LIFE Application


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Quality of Life Award

“Living Independently with Full Equality”

The Quality of LIFE Award was developed to assist FOP members (that are also IFOPA members) to live more independently in their daily lives. Note: The Award does not assist with any medical related services.

Purpose and Guidelines for the Quality of LIFE Award effective:

  • LIFE Awards are for IFOPA members who have paid their annual dues or asked to be sponsored, and have provided verifiable medical confirmation of the FOP diagnosis to the IFOPA.
  • The IFOPA LIFE Award is a scholarship for a maximum $1,500.00 for each IFOPA member. It will be the decision of the member as to when they use their $1,500.00 lifetime limit; all at once, or in increments.
  • The award is good for items that improve the health, welfare & independence of IFOPA members with FOP of all ages such as aids for activities of daily living, adaptive equipment, walkers and other mobility aids, bed pads and pillows, tuition or registration for vocational training, specialized bicycles, reading aids, computer hardware, assistive technology, shipping expense of donated equipment, wheelchair, adaptive bed and/or mattress, or vehicle adaptation, and any other qualifying item that improves the health, welfare & independence of IFOPA members with FOP of any age as determined by the IFOPA Executive Committee. (Note: The Award does not assist with any medical related services.)
  • Lifetime limit of $1,500 per person with FOP.
  • The IFOPA will keep the LIFE Award Fund to pay for this grant program. The money for this Fund will come from donors and family fundraisers who direct their donations to the LIFE Award Fund.
  • To be considered for a LIFE Award, a member should fill out and submit the application online. The box in the top right corner of this page has a link to the application.

There are no guarantees that a request will be granted; the IFOPA Quality of LIFE Committee will review and approve applications. Awards will be given in the order applications are received until money in the LIFE Award Fund is used up. Donors and family fundraisers are encouraged to contribute to the LIFE Award fund so that LIFE Awards can continue to be provided to FOP members.