FOPonline: An E-Mail Newsgroup

We would like to encourage our members to join our online e-mail newsgroup FOPonline. It gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, concerns and questions among the FOP community. It is important that the FOP community keep its lines of communication open because we all learn from one another only if we share our discoveries and express ourselves. We believe the electronic mailing list is a way to bridge the gap created by the miles, which usually separate us from one another. If you have access to email, please join our online community. Below are some commonly asked questions about mailing lists.

What is an E-mail newsgroup/mailing list?

A mailing list is an automated method of delivering messages to all people subscribing to an e-mail list on a given topic. When you post a message, it is immediately sent to everyone on the list. Mailing lists are one of the most effective ways to use the internet for group discussions.

What kind of information can I expect to find on the FOP mailing list?

The FOP mailing list's main goal is to create an online community where you can post questions and get advice and support from other families who have experienced what you are going through. (Guidelines for FOP Online.)

Who qualifies to join FOPonline?

Enrollment in FOPonline is open to:

  • A person with FOP
  • A family member of a person with FOP
  • A medical personnel connected to a person with FOP
  • A person with some other personal connection to someone with FOP

Note: Members of the media are prohibited from joining.

What about privacy?

Privacy is an important issue. The IFOPA mailing list will be set up so that the list of members is not available to participants of the list. If you do not post messages, only the list administrators will have access to your name and E-mail address. However, whenever you post a message, other participants will see your name and E-mail address.

Does the list cost anything?

Participation in the list is included in your yearly membership dues to the IFOPA.

How do I join?

To enroll in FOPonline, or if you have any questions, please click here.

To enroll in FOPbrasil, or if you have any questions, please click here.

To enroll in FOPlatinoamerica, or if you have any questions, please click here.

Please include your name, phone, and affiliation to the FOP community in your correspondence. You will soon receive a welcome message with more information.

(Note: Only IFOPA members will be accepted to the list. Also, please note that the IFOPA does not monitor content on FOPbrasil and FOPlatinoamerica.)

Click here to review the guidelines for FOPonline.