Planned Giving

The Jeannie L. Peeper Heritage Roll of Honor
has been established to honor those individuals and families who have placed the International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Association (IFOPA) in their estate plans. It is named in honor and in gratitude of Jeannie L. Peeper, who founded the IFOPA in 1988 as a pen pal group. Through her pioneering spirit, vision and unwavering devotion the organization has evolved into the leading global resource on FOP.

Membership in the Jeannie L. Peeper is by written confirmation of a deferred gift arrangement. Qualifying gifts include wills, trusts, life insurance, retirement assets or life income arrangements.

It is Jeannie Peeper's vision and life-long quest to discover treatments and a cure for FOP, and to continue to provide high quality support to FOP families. In joing the Jeannie L. Peeper Heritage Roll of Honor, you help affirm her vision.

To remember the IFOPA in your will, trust, retirement assest, life income arrangements or beneficiary of you insurance policy please click here to download the Jeannie L. Peeper Enrollment Form.

Gifts by will or bequests, both large or small, will provide us with continuing support of our ongoing efforts.

For more information regarding Planned Giving, please contact the IFOPA office.